Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A 21-Hour Work Day

I worked my ass off Tuesday. I did a ton of graphic work making images of my dresses on silhouettes (see above) that took serious concentration and I finished the Deco dress; I am super happy with it and now seven are done. I went to bed completely whacked at the end of the day after working for twenty-one hours.
Today is assessment #2 day at Columbia. They will send me a full report after today’s session about my condition, my potential for treatment and the cost. It may take a while to get done and then arrive in the mail so I hope Ms. Duke will give me some kind of verbal indication today of whether or not Columbia can help me.
Right after I go to Columbia, I go to Dr. Shoja. My sessions with her are always wonderful. I’m lucky to have her guidance and feedback and I can talk with her about my options at Columbia.
I know I am going to come home from these sessions today feeling beat. I’m thinking today is a day to take myself out for a really nice dinner—I have the completion of the deco dress, new great dress graphics and an upcoming date to discuss a production of my script to celebrate.
Next up is my meeting with Anna. She is the artistic director of Western Gold. We meet on Friday at 2:00 to talk about a production of The Defiant Dress.  Not only is it exciting to have a plan for the dresses but there is a long lead time so I will have no pressure from this project at all.
And the end of unfinished business is my appointment with Dr. Pimstone in two weeks. I have no idea whatsoever what’s ahead there. Soon I will have a way to deal with the angina I experience. My options are nothing, drugs (preventative), nitroglycerine (episodic treatment) or a pacemaker.
I watched Victoria last night and quite liked it in spite of the whole cloak-and-dagger direction of the relationship with her mother. The melodramatic writing is compensated for with every scene involving Rufus Sewell. I adore him and he’s a good actor. Thank goodness for it too because I can’t bear Sherlock.
Right now, my windows are wide open. It’s pouring with rain but it’s 12° at 6:30 in the morning—so warm after the longest period of cold weather in thirty years (or something like that).
To start dress #8, the sports dress, I bought the pingpong balls I need for the bodice and I’ve ordered the flocking and adhesive with which to make the thirty or so tennis balls I need. That’s going to be seriously messy. I have to flock them leaving those distinctive lines in them. It feels very good to be underway with number nine!
But I am going to make thirteen dresses I think, not twelve. I’m thinking that it will be one that the actor wears as her crowning glory as the end of the play.

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