Saturday, January 7, 2017


Duncan's apron.
Cardinal dress.
The cheerleader.
Pearl dress.
Peacock dress.
Wheat dress.

It’s time to relax and celebrate having reached the halfway point in my self-determined project to make a dozen “dresses” and do something with them. My project is the latest manifestation of the creative imperative I’ve been experiencing since retiring, walking the path not chosen at the onset of my earning years.
Going for my first speech assessment at Columbia this week is another reason to celebrate and since Monday is nine months to the day I became a stutterer, I am taking Robin to Ancora for dinner Monday night.
When I look ahead at 2017 I have things on the short-term and long-term to look forward to. In the very near future I will find out whether or not I qualify for speech therapy with Columbia and if they do feel they can help me, I will start formal (and expensive) speech therapy. And in a month I will find out what, if anything, is to be done about the arrhythmia in my heart.
In the long-term come summer and some kind of resolution of the dress project—I may face having to find a rodent and humidity-free place in which to store my ladies’ clothes.
And come April I will move from seeing Dr. Shoja once a week to seeing her once every second week. I can handle that; I will remain attached to a single emotional apron string for another year.
This morning (Saturday) was depressing. I had angina a lot but it stopped by the time Tim came by. We went for a nice walk together and enjoyed Mexican food for lunch and the angina did not come back through the rest of the day.

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