Monday, January 16, 2017

Life is Good

I changed the dress. This is a draft. I have a lot
of work to do on the log line.
This week’s important day is Wednesday. I have my second assessment at Columbia at which I hope to at least get some indication about whether or not they feel they can help me. I go to Dr. Shoja right after.
Becoming a stutterer was a huge adjustment; months of posts prove that. But that battle is over and freed of all the time I put into learning about what makes me stutter and what doesn’t, I’m back to full involvement with my Defiant Dress project.
It’s very clear that the big challenge now is not the dresses. It’s the script. And guess what? I’m loving it; it’s going to work because I founded a public art gallery and ran it for seven years and during those years I learned a hell of a lot about the concerns of this script. So … Bingo! I’ve got this project.
I thought I was going to write something funny and that is truly impossible for me. Instead, I think I may achieve something to make you think about what art galleries are for and I love that. Yes, there have to be laughs, but I think I can deliver something that will move you.
So I feel very good: I’ve mastered the deco dress, I’m feeling “in control” of the exhibition overall because the Deco dress is number seven of twelve, I feel very good about the script and I’ve become very comfortable with stuttering and I believe that acceptance may lead to improvement in my speech.
And Dr. Soothe is calling, it’s warmer, there’s been a lot of sunshine and the world—post Xmas and NYE—is a calmer quieter place. Life is good.

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