Friday, January 13, 2017

Weighty Issues

Starting a new dress is an adventure. I have a vision that I will never achieve. However, the vision is what gets me started then, once begun, the journey becomes self-directing; it’s aesthetic problem solving, really.
I began hesitatingly on Wednesday; it was a shaky start but a certain amount of faith kept me going. Thursday, I had had an idea about how to proceed that’s working well enough to keep me going. I may have this. Time will tell. (I’m not ready to post a photo yet.)
I have five days during which to work on it while the temperatures rise and the rain returns.
One good thing about making dresses is that it gets me off my butt. Staying at home and wanting to keep busy (and creative), I find it easy and comfortable to do things at my desk. I made a cover for an imaginary novel called Night Flight (above), and I’ve been recreating a postcard I’ve had, and loved, for decades in pencil crayon (also above).  I do all this at my desk though, and my waistline shows it.
Two weeks ago I started getting mild nerve pain down the inside of my right leg. It’s not severe, just obnoxious. It made walking unpleasant but didn’t deter me until the other day when I got really violently sharp pains in the same leg that almost caused me to collapse. I had two of these experiences so I sat down to rest.
At this stage of my life I never know if a pain has come to visit or to take up residence. I was really worried the milder pain was here to stay but it has lessened. It’s still there but even milder—a good sign. But it makes me think about my future.
I’ve been hoping to get back to daily walks this year when it’s warmer. I missed out on virtually all of last year’s walking season due to the severity of my C-PTSD symptoms.

Love this!

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