Sunday, January 22, 2017

Back Pain; Goin' for a Walk

 Yesterday I woke up, swung my legs over the edge of the bed, stood and saw God as I fell back onto the bed. I did not shout out when I saw Him, but I did moved very carefully after that. Something dreadful happened to my back in the night and the pain was searing so I spent all day yesterday dedicated to one thing: No pain.
One on my feet, things were okay. Walking was okay, but if I sat down, getting up was a free trip to PAIN. Lying down was fine, so that’s where I spent most of the day except for the walk/stand to see the march yesterday.
This morning I feel better — thank God for that — still, it’s another day to take it easy. Sitting at my desk is not comfortable for more than a brief visit, so writing is not in the cards and with rain predicted, walking is not an ideal alternative.
La La Land is playing nearby, as is Twentieth Century Woman, but movies have lost a lot of their appeal of late. I wish I knew why. It’s the same with most everything on TV.
The person I’ve become would best live in a studio. I keep looking at real estate, checking out suites with two bedrooms wherein I could have the studio I want but I like this place and my location. Sigh.
If I decide to embark on another project before these costumes get used somehow, I am going to have to rent a studio.
Today I’m going to try to do a decent walk; mild exercise is just just the thing I need to lift my housebound spirits and to strengthen my back.

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