Friday, January 6, 2017

Movie: Genius

It’s 5:00 AM and the snow has just started and the heating for my suite or building is broken. I am heating my place with my oven and my decorative fireplace that emits some heat. I am comfortable, but what timing. It is supposed to snow for the next week.
I love the thought of being home, warm and cozy, and making a lot of progress with the apron over the next few days. It is not, as I have said, a showy piece but I like it.  I think it will interest people but not impress them. With the letter, it works well.
The wheat dress is going over really well with viewers. It and the cardinal dress are the winners. I’m excited about trying to achieve another (or two more) stunner(s).
I chose a movie called Genius on Netflix. It’s about Scribner editor Max Perkins (Colin Firth). His wife is played by in incredible Laura Linney and the first writer we meet is Thomas Wolfe who is played by Jude Law who does an thoroughly believable job. I was immediately drawn into this movie until Mr. Wolfe goes home to a partner played by Nicole Kidman whom, sadly, I find impossible to believe in anything.
I really liked the movie. I had no idea about how short Thomas Wolfe’s life was and whereas I knew about how prolific he was, I had no idea how much until this movie. But what I loved in this film was its central theme: The lovely story of a deep fraternal love between Max Perkins, the introvert who wanted a son, and Thomas Wolfe, the maniacal extrovert who desperately wanted to love and trust someone.
And speaking of fraternal love, today is Dwight’s birthday. We’re going to lunch.

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