Thursday, January 19, 2017

Moving On!

It’s time to retire a theme that has been a bit part of the recent history of this blog: Speech. It’s time for me to accept that stuttering has insinuated itself back into my life.
The key word in that last sentence is “back.” Because I “stammered” as a child (it’s written in my report cards) neither Dr. Ramage, Wendy Duke, the two speech therapists who have assessed me, nor I feel confident that speech therapy will stop my stuttering.
Besides, when I speak French, use my Rand voice, mirror or visualize text before speaking, I can speak without stuttering. Plus, I’m extremely happy; stuttering in no way interferes with my friendships and I’m working on one of the most fulfilling creative projects of my life.
And since my sessions with Dr. Shoja have the potential to positively affect my speech, Wendy and I wondered: What exactly is my problem?
I’m officially and definitively a stutterer. Let’s move on.
The big theme on this blog for the next year and a half is going to be The Defiant Dress project.
I can hardly wait for Friday and my meeting with Anna, the AD of Western Gold. I know that my costumes and the concept have earned her interest, but I also know that she can’t commit to me until she sees a script so I’ve started burning on my writing.
I woke up this morning excited about being a fiction writer again.
The Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) wants to build a new facility. It is also charging $22 for admission and addressing the public with incomprehensible language. I want to expose their “Emperor’s new clothes” policies with my play. I loathe how public exhibition policies have compromised public art gallery programming.
I’m not a confident guy but I am going to ace this script. The words are pouring out of me. I have a lot to say but I want it a very short script so I feel fully armed for success.
In the evening I followed through on my promise to myself: I took my self out to dinner in my favourite local place. Me and my stutter and my headful of script ideas went out for moules marinières crème. YUM!

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