Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fantasy Defiant Poster

If I use an idea like this, it won't be the wheat dress.
It will be the Deco dress if it's a black and white graphic.
Merci pour votre gentil commentaire, Cordelia!

I have ideas for dresses #8 and #9. It would be great if these ideas evolve and come into being because they would take me to the three-quarters mark of my project.
I started with the peacock dress in early September, so I’ve done (almost) seven dresses in four months. Clearly I will be able to finish the five more I want to do before summer comes and that means I can plan on a show for next season so I can get my living space back to normal.
I’ve also had a great idea about how to structure the script. If I can create a play in which I have confidence, I will be able to sell tickets and recover my costs which would allow me to start all over again with another project next year.
I worked all day Saturday on the Deco dress. I am full of ideas for details on this one; I think it is going to come together quite quickly. Like the wheat dress, it has a rather large footprint, so my condo is filling up. I need a studio.
And then, for fun, I made a draft poster for my theoretical show (above).
This morning I will walk the long way to Granville Island to get more paper for the dress and I should be able to finish the paper part of the skirt today. I’m hoping to get some lights into it but my first attempt failed. I’ll try again today.

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