Saturday, January 21, 2017

Most Fun Writing of My Life

I am having the most fun I have ever had as a writer.
Growing up I sometimes heard writers seem to say, in their response to an interviewer’s question, that they didn’t know where their current writing project would end. I heard things that suggested some, if not all fiction writers, did not know how their novels would end and I was incredulous.
My whole world and life was autobiographical writing and essay writing—I was the only kid anyone knew who loved writing essay homework and exams. In my writing, everything was known. The objective was the beginning of the writing exercise. And in my work as a technical writer, the end was the goal.
The Defiant Dress is almost writing itself. I had an idea of a setting and a situation and a character and I just started writing and the outcome is far exceeding my expectations. I find myself wondering where the monologue will go and loving the plot “twists” that do not feel like my decisions; direction is coming from a partnership between my character and me.
It’s Saturday morning. Yesterday afternoon I had my meeting with Western Gold. I think it went as well as a pitch could for a show without a script. Anna wants to read the script; she said my concept was “fascinating” and should be produced but she has concerns about its relevance to Western Gold’s mandate.
So yesterday I pondered a re-write to fit Western Gold’s mandate and decided I didn’t want to do it. So I’ll try to find another producer or a team with whom to do the show as an Equity Co-op. That means finishing the script so that is the task at hand.
Once that is done. I may write a second version that could fit Western Gold’s mandate, but I am going to write it my way first.
Talking with Anna yesterday was exciting. I had an answer for her every question and she loved the costumes and was amazed by my letters. She loved, I think, the stories in the letters and the cohesiveness of the concept. The whole idea is so thoroughly developed in my head and I am so passionate about the subject, it was fun to be me yesterday in our meeting.

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