Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cold Winter News

The wheat dress is completely done; Nicola came over last night and was very complimentary. And during the next week I have only my visit with Dr. Shoja and one dinner with a friend so I expect to finish the apron soon too. Then on to a dress I am calling the architecture dress.
One day I will stop writing about my speech. One day I may even stop wanting to write about it; one day it may stop being an issue but right now within an hour or two of getting up every fucking morning there comes the moment when I try to speak and can’t. Sigh.
Nicola and I went to Ancora restaurant last night and we were alone upstairs on a quiet night. We had the best of times. Our server has a mega million-dollar smile and was a joy, like the food. It’s easily become my favourite restaurant. I am going back Monday night.
The clear cold days are supposed to end today with snow. Choosing where to go for a walk—that is to say where there will be no ice—is a challenge. Another thing about winter walking is that when you are facing the sun it is brutally hard on the eyes, even with dark glasses, because the sun is so low in the sky.

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