Monday, January 16, 2017

Potential Production Interest!

The Deco dress advances well. I particularly love how the breasts are borne by the fans.  I will be working on it all day today. The lights are in!
And ...I have a meeting coming up with a theatre company about producing my play in Autumn 2018. Western Gold (WG) is a theatre that focuses on works by senior artists, so I fit. They produce at PAL, the theatre I desperately want for this show.
I plan to propose a co-production so that I can recover my development costs. I have a lot to offer besides the costumes and script: I have a massive mailing list of visual artists and a connection to the Opus newsletter that circulates to tens of thousands of artists. (I was the newsletter’s founder and its editorial writer for 27 years.)
It’s a long wait but a great opportunity.

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