Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Great Day

When my friend Caryn told the Arts Club about my project the dramaturge, Rachel, said I’d hear back from her by the end of the month. However, in spite of having been told never to end a sentence with a preposition, here is a sentence from the Arts Club website’s page for submitting playwrights: “we will contact only those writers whose script we have an interest in.”
Armed with mighty deductive skills, and always graceful in defeat, I walked to Costco where hot dogs and a refillable coke are only two bucks and I put rat poison in the ketchup and mustard dispensers. Then I had to leave because the noise of all the sirens was driving me mad.
What I really did is write to Rachel. It’s the holiday weekend, but maybe she’ll replay and confirm my suspicions. How I’d love to get a “we haven’t decided yet” response, but I’m pretty far along in my keeping calm and carrying on. (Whoops, a final preposition!)
Then I went to visit Bruce to do the same walk as yesterday and today was just as lovely. And Bruce was in fine form — in fact amazing form. We had a great visit ˆand he played the piano! It wasn’t perfect by a long shot but he heard himself and if we do that regularly over time, he will hear his progress.
But that’s not what’s amazing. What’s truly amazing is the happiness I feel and see in him each day when we get together. Yesterday in particular: He decided to clean himself up so first he took his clippers and shaved with them — he had quite a beard. He did the best he could and then he asked me to finish up.
Then he lathered up and used his (dull) razor to shave himself and then, again, I finished up and that was when, for me, things turned into a life moment. Pulling and pushing his face in order to do a good job was so intimate and personal. We crossed a barrier together.
Then I washed his hair and then I gently rubbed a glycerin/aloe mixture all over his head and face because he has such dry skin now and “cradle cap.” And then I earned my angel wings: I clipped his fungal toenails. Not even his sister would do that, but the podiatrist did not have an appointment for weeks and it had to be done. There’s nothing I can’t do now.
And then Rob picked me up from Bruce’s hospital and we went shopping. With him too, our friendship has become very warm and affectionate. I, who was once so reticent to walk my blind friend Peter arm-in-arm in public, loved walking with Rob beside me, his arm around me.
Then I came home to a welcome message from Rachel (the Arts Club). It ain’t over. I’m so happy; I love living in a state of hope. They’ve moved their reading week to July 10th.
And now it’s Sunday. It’s my favourite day of the week and it’s sunny — in fact, I’m worried. I’m afraid we’re in for another drought this summer and more trees and fish will die. It’s been sunny for a couple of weeks now and nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures are predicted.

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