Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Pole Stands Tall

What you see above is a large piece of driftwood in a papier maché base. It is taking forever to dry but when it does, I’ll attach the mussel shells (that you can see on my windowsill) and some seaweed and barnacles. Then the top pieces of the defiant dress get mounted onto it; the bottom sections of the dress will stabilize it and surround the base when it’s assembled.
It’s Tuesday: Dr. Shoja day. I wore black.
Monday was delicious; I did little and loved every second of the day — a day that forced all of us in Vancouver to realize that our province is on fire. The sky is full of smoke; the sunset was blood red. This morning was like rising in a campsite when everyone has a fire going and you can smell smoke in the air.
Yesterday I saw two women looking at a map on the street so without thinking about it, I stopped and asked if they needed help. They were looking for Granville Street so I told them how to get there and how long it would take and then said goodbye. Then I went into a store I frequent several times a week and could not say a single word to the clerk.
I know it has something to do with fear. With the tourists (both female and presumably kind) I felt “in control.” They were the ones needing help. In the stores, the clerks are in control and I need help. I get it, but then I don’t at all either.
Now I am off to walk to Bruce from home. I think I’ll try it. It’ll likely take me three hours. It’s a hot day. I’ve got to pick up a small boulder on the way home for the base of the pole.

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