Sunday, July 9, 2017

Next Project: Check (?)

I don’t want to work on the script while it’s being evaluated and I’d rather work on my last dress for the eternal bridesmaid knowing it will be seen — if I can. So I wait and hope while the Arts Club ponders The Defiant Dress.
I really hope the ACT takes it because that would “take care” of that project and I could get on to my next idea which is to write a script about a taxidermist. It would enable me to make a whack of animals that, as with my dresses, are talismans of stories that the taxidermist could tell.
There is a huge full-page ad in this week’s Georgia Straight announcing that the Buddha Bar, a marijuana dispensary, is going “recreational.” That means a doctor’s prescription is no longer required at this dispensary that has very effective testing and evaluation practices. What a changed world.
Bruce is walking with a walker and he successfully got in and out of the car they use to test patient capacity to go on home visits. He’s speaking well and moving rapidly toward self-sufficiency. I suspect it won’t be too many weeks before he is going home and continuing his therapy on his own.

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