Monday, July 17, 2017

Blessed are the Dull

Saturday was uneventful. I walked to visit Bruce.
Sunday morning I got the mussel shells I need for my defiant dress from a local restaurant. I’ve been working on a base for a piece of driftwood that I will use as a mount for the dress. (The driftwood is symbolic of the pier under which Reena Virk was drowned.)
Sunday afternoon I went to see Bruce. It’s very quiet there on Sundays; I like that. We had a good long visit. I think visits are particularly important on weekends when his days are long and slow; on there’s few staff and no therapy and many residents get weekend passes.
Holy Family Hospital (where Bruce is) specializes in the rehabilitation of amputees, people who have had a stroke and people who’ve had hip replacement surgery — all of the residents are seniors. Seeing them every day has made me hyper conscious of (and grateful for) my mobility.
And now another week begins. Will I hear this week from the Arts Club? I wonder! In the meantime, I continue to work on the defiant dress mount.
Today (Monday) is sunny again. The dry weather has been relentless as it was two years ago and that is why our province is on fire. Today there are strong winds which bodes ill for the forest fires.

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