Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Taxidermist is Growing

I didn’t visit Bruce yesterday and I am not going to go every day henceforth. He’s only to regain his balance and then he’ll be going home — and when he does I’ll likely only see him once in a while. Others are visiting, he’s recovering well and he’s often on the phone connecting with friends so my presence isn’t as necessary.
Suddenly this morning, seemingly out of nowhere, we’re having the first rain we’ve had in, perhaps, a month. Down on the streets people in flip-flops and T-shirts are running for cover; others walk uncaring or with their parcels over their heads.
And me? I do nothing. It’s impossible for me to be idle during the long dark times of winter, that’s why I have projects. But in summer I love having no responsibilities and doing as I wish … and that, to be honest, is very little. I look at pictures and read online and write “fluff.” I go for a daily walk, usually to visit Bruce, then dinner, then bed. In between I play with Leon and work on the aquarium. I’ve an entirely simple life.
Yesterday a second overdose victim had to be revived in the lane outside my window.
I can feel The Taxidermist growing inside my head.
Defiant Dress began merely as a challenge to make five dresses inspired by birds. The story grew out of the desire to make properties and the path of the properties changed. With The Taxidermist I’m working on the story first … but I’m excited about the property making too because I’ll bringing all my experience from Defiant Dress to it.

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