Saturday, July 29, 2017


Friday: No Bruce, no responsibilities and it’s an exquisite summer day. My goals today are “feet” for the defiant dress (to raise it off the floor) and barnacles for the pole. Sometime this weekend, the restaurant will call and I’ll fetch the rest of the shells I need and then I have the buckles to add. Then it’ll be finally done. Phew.
I got an email from the Arts Club’s artistic director. He is back from France so maybe next week he will review the script recommendations from his dramaturge for ReACT and I’ll hear their decision. This is my fantasy.
In the meantime I live with hope and optimism. I’ve realized that even if the Arts Club says they don’t want it, that I am still very proud of it.
I have a feeling I know why my symptoms came back. I’ve been walking outside every day and seeing Bruce every day and doing way, way more than I have for ages. I have to remember not to do too much — especially with the ex arriving next week.
Getting the barnacles was a bit of a disaster. I put a sharp knife in my backpack and a container into which to put them and went to a pier where I knew there were some that were accessible. It was a great plan except that twice, on my way there, I stopped to get something out of my backpack and cut my finger — and one is deep and won’t stop bleeding.
And last night I got the last of my mussel shells and the footers for the bottom so now I have all the materials with which to complete the most complicated dress in the collection.
Today (Saturday) I’ll walk to visit Bruce, apply some barnacles and clean the mussels. Endless sunshine is predicted and highs of 30°. There’ll be no walking when it gets that hot.

Sculpted puffball mushroom; Calvatia sculpta.
This is a show chicken. 

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