Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why I Love Canada Day

Above are two shots from the route I take to visit Bruce. Here’s me on the bench and my view of the golf course where I sit to have a nice rest in the sun.
Another thing about Saturday… Canada Day.
At the subway station, there were roughly seventy people lined up for tickets and on the subway there were all kinds of people wearing red and flags and costumes. The ride was festive and strangers would wish me Happy Canada Day. I was struck too by how many people who gave me the impression of being marginalized in life out in full red and white glory.
Cars are adorned with flags, the parks are full of red and white people and all the stores are decorated — even the food and flowers for sale are decorated and red and white. Canada Day is a wonderful holiday. We are all deserving participants and it’s non-secular.
And another thing about life… Having hope.
Hearing that the Arts Club hasn’t decided yet made me feel like the Bay of Fundy. I felt a massive tide of Hope rush in. yes, it may turn to disappointment but it’s back and I love living with it. I get to enjoy two more weeks of Hope before the decision. Plus, Rachel tells everyone, win or lose, so there’s no guessing.

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