Saturday, July 22, 2017

Adding the Shells

This morning I started adding the shells to the defiant dress' pole. I need a lot more.  You should see my hands. They are covered with hot glue burns.
Driving home from visiting Bruce yesterday it sprinkled. It didn’t last and was very light but I was stopped at the stoplight at Cambie and 49th where all the grass is already brown so I was very happy about the rain … well, the sprinkle.
And this morning (Saturday) I’ve awakened to overnight rain and it’s supposed to rain all day before becoming really hot tomorrow.
My boy genes are tingling today as the workers at the construction site across the street erect their construction crane today. I love watching them and the heavy equipment working.
And soon Dwight will be here for a coffee; I so love the man. Then I’ll go see Bruce and then I’ll take myself out for a mussels dinner and ask the restaurant to save me more shells.

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