Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday: A Long Walk

I took a long walk to visit Bruce on Monday. (And I finally took him some chocolate.) I got several errands done on the way and came home to enjoy a fabulous evening gluing shells for the defiant dress.
Bruce has a friend for whom he has done many favors. His friend has often requested help of Bruce because Bruce has stronger technical and web researching skills.  Yesterday Bruce mentioned that this friend had not yet come to visit Bruce since his return from Italy where he had his stroke. Bruce has been back in Vancouver since June 17th. I am disappointed by his friend’s behaviour.
Ironically, Bruce was a friendly acquaintance until I had my heart attack when he came often to visit. I remember realizing what a great guy he was and resolving that when I got out of hospital that he and I would become better friends. I was very moved by his kindness in visiting.
I’m having the best summer! I love walking to see Bruce. I get exercise and lots of vitamin D; the location of Holy Family Hospital couldn’t be better.
Very early Tuesday morning I went out to the 711 and on our front steps were drug paraphernalia. There were syringes, their containers, a heating spoon and the empty containers of the drug.
I love my happy hour marijuana and seeing the detritus made me wonder what it would be like to think I might die every time I got used marijuana. Or what if every time you had a glass of wine you had to find someone to drink with in case one sip killed you? What a life addicts have.
It’s Tuesday: Dr. Shoja day. After seeing her this morning and doing errands, I’m off to visit Bruce and then I’ll be gluing my many shells to the defiant dress pole and burning myself.

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