Thursday, July 6, 2017

I Love Summer

I’m going to visit Bruce late this afternoon and then go to Dianne’s for her birthday dinner so I get most of the day here alone and that’s good. Tomorrow’s manageable too: I go to Christine and Mark’s studios where I thrive in the good company of fellow creators. Christine makes wigs for movies and plays — incredible, hair-by-hair creations and her studio mate, Patrick, makes the most beautiful clothes/costumes imaginable. He’s a master tailor and his work can evoke emotions in me like a van Gogh.
Saturday will be great: Either Dwight and I will go out and find a tree on which to mount the defiant dress or he will bail and I will have the day to myself. Either are welcome, however I treasure every moment with Dwight.
Monday the Summer Reading Week starts at the Arts Club. Sometime around July 21st to 24th, I will hear if my script is to be included in their ReACT Series. This experience has taught me how lovely it is to live with hope — the kind of hope that leads to pride, not recovery.
Our July Wholester event yesterday was really successful again. It was our fourth event; this time we decided to have a picnic at Third Beach in Stanley Park. People brought lots of great food (but not me); I had the picnic supplies and tablecloths. I was going to buy something at the concession but there was plenty of delicious stuff to eat. It was really fun!

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