Monday, July 10, 2017

Reading Week

I had a nice long visit with Bruce on Sunday. Otherwise, the day was totally uneventful — just the way I like a day – well… except for an orgy of television in the evening with Leon on my lap: My Mother and Other Strangers, Grantchester, and Prime Suspect: Tennyson. Yum!
This week I have no obligations except Dr. Shoja.
I missed last summer; I was overwhelmed with PTSD symptoms and spent most of it indoors and in the company of too many doctors. This summer it’s Bruce who’s overcome with symptoms and missing the best season of the year. This afternoon we’ll have a party for him in the hospital cafeteria. I’m taking a nice long walk to get there.
And finally: The last I heard the Arts Club is having their reading week this week and so I should hear about their decisions next week.

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