Friday, July 7, 2017


I went to bed feeling like I’d just got home from war.
I went to Dianne’s party. It was quite large and it took me quite a while to speak but I stuck it out and had a great time. I also stayed as long as everyone.
The party was the end of “the war:” Falling in the bathtub and hurting my back, doing a lot of driving and too many social engagements lately had overwhelmed me.
However, this morning I’ve really enjoyed a quiet morning at home. It’s done wonders for me and at noon I’ll have lunch with Dwight and then I’ll go — part way on foot — to see Bruce. I think a nice slow walk in the sunshine to will restore my soul. Plus, I have few engagements ahead so that is reassuring.
I feel “in control.” I went through such hope over the Arts Club and then such disappointment thinking I had not made it into their series. Now, as the new deadline approaches, I feel less emotionally at risk this time.

Mimosa grew everywhere in Nice where I lived the
best year of my life.

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