Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Busy Day

I grew up so incredibly ashamed of being gay. Now gays can marry in my fabulous country.
While I was sick, I was inhaling an anti-inflammatory asthma medication that I get free for the rest of my life, just like I get my HIV medications free for the rest of my life, all thanks to the health policies of my fabulous country.
I lived with a “ticking bomb” in my head that made aspects of life a challenge. I found out in 1968, that marijuana made dealing with it easier. But it was illegal and I felt the shame of that. Now it is legal in my fabulous country and I ordered my first legal weed from the Government of BC online pot dispensary today! 
The sun is out and it’s 19°. Plus I’m feeling much better today (however I had a scary wampum of a seizure this morning). When my seizure started, I went to the couch and the most wonderful dog in the world came up on it to, right up tight beside me with her head on my lap as though to comfort me.
Sheba was sick in the night, poor thing. But we went for a community dog walk that was good for both of us. I arrived in a bad state, afraid of more seizures, but talking with Regina, who’s so accepting and understanding, quickly had all my anxiety disbursing. 
Today, I ordered the gravel for my driveway. It will really dress up the front yard even more. One load comes tomorrow; the second on Friday and I’ll have lots of exercise spreading it around. 
And I made squash/carrot/ginger soup with mushroom stock for Dwight and Robin, and an apple pie. It’s been a very busy day that soon will wind up with a spa and then a relaxing evening with the the most wonderful dog in the world watching The Great Canadian Baking Show.

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