Wednesday, October 10, 2018

To Denman Island

I baked Wednesday morning; I loved the smell of my baking and the blue patches of the morning sky that betrayed the spectacular afternoon that was coming. I even loved my boring morning mundanes: Lighting the fire, walking Her Highness, feeding the birds and dealing with pet detritus. 
I was ready for Bruce and Caryn when they arrived, high with anticipation and the weather. They couldn’t have chosen a nicer day. We had lunch when they got here and then, with Sheba, we went first to Drumbeg and then to the petroglyphs where I said goodbye to them and they went off to Denman Island.
Speech was not easy with Bruce and Karen. The mental illness mystery challenge continues: Why is it harder to speak to the people I love most?
Today I’m going to Denman Island to see Bruce and Caryn again—at my friends Bill and Marsha’s place on Denman Island. I’ve known Bill and Marsha for decades and adore them both but I’ve never seen their place on Denman. (The bought my houseboat a million years ago to tow to Denman to live in whilst they built their home there.)
I’m so happy that Sheba does well in the car. Mind you, I stop often to exercise her and I take lots of treats so that she’s happy. So we’re off for an adventure today.
Here are some of Karen’s photos:

We selfie, Bruce, Caryn and I.

I was able to find one of our local orchids to show them.

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