Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Bruce and Caryn Day

The UN International Panel on Climate Change released a paper that in no way whatsoever is surprising. It’s grimly fatalistic. But people like Rachel Fucking Notley (and Doug Ford, Trump and too many others) play politics with climate legislation…. And no one ever mentions regulating family size. 
We live in a “me first” world full of little Trumps and collectively we create ”me first” nations that form “us first” economic agreements.
And the Clintons, the world’s most famous unemployed people in the world, are coming to Vancouver to speak. Oh wait—that’s their job—Self Aggrandizement speechifying and capital gain.
Nero is fiddling and the Clintons warble. 
And speaking of warbling: Taylor Swift became political yesterday, Tweeting her support for a Democratic candidate and encouraging people to vote. Outcome: 65,000 new voter registrations in one day. Now that’s something!
I heard from my realtor. It seems I sold my condo at precisely the right time. I sold just as prices started slipping apparently; I was his last “over asking price” sale. 
It’s kind of spooky how lucky I’ve been with real estate. That luck facilitated this move to paradise. But I’ve never been strategically involved with real estate; it’s always been life experiences—being evicted as a tenant; meeting Steve; Steve leaving—that have driven my buys and sells.
Perhaps it’s because the house is colder at night now. I don’t know, but I now sleep in the most ungodly positions to accommodate all my animals on my bed at night. Both cats now sleep with Sheba and I; Sheba’s been a bed mate every night since she became capable of jumping up on it (perhaps six months). I should close my bedroom door and leave them to the rest of the house, but I’m pathetic. I take their desire to be there personally. Why not? Take it where you can get it.
Bruce and Caryn are coming for lunch, a walk in Drumbeg and a visit to the Petroglyphs. Sheba is going to be thrilled to have two walks. I serving the soup I made, fabulous fresh bread from the local bakery, salad and a pasta dish I like to make that everyone loves.
I bake a pound of beets, peel them, crush them and then add them to six tablespoons of browned butter to which I add a tablespoon of poppy seeds once the butter has browned. The smell was absolutely divine. I lovethe smell of browned butter and poppy seeds.
I make Farrow pasta and toss it with the beet/butter/poppy mixture and serve it with a big dollop of goat cheese and I go to heaven.
And tonight I get to watch Andrei on The Great Canadian Baking Show.And oh … by the fire.

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