Monday, October 29, 2018

Finance Committee Meeting

I awoke very early Sunday morning. It was ink black outside as usual but the yard was a miracle of moon shadows.
I went back to sleep looking forward to a nice day but when I awoke again the rain was a tympani symphony on my tin roof.  Jay phoned and invited me for breakfast at Robert’s; it was great to see him after his trip to France.
I roared home for the dog walk and surprise: All during the dog walk the sun was out and I carried my raincoat. But as soon as I got home, buckets of water fell.
I went into the village to shop so I could make my favourite squash and ginger soup. It’s my third huge batch. I’m addicted. Then I made a lemon cake to kill time until Sunday night TV time. 
I mixed all the ingredients, put them into the prepared pans and put my raw cakes into the oven, closed the door of the oven and saw an entire bowl of an essential component of the cake: The lemon syrup. So I had to go through a recovery process. The cakes emerged smelling fabulously of lemon but they did not rise very well. Sigh.
A task for this morning is making lemon butter icing (yum!). 
Then, at 10:00, I go to meet the arts council’s finance committee to listen to Michelle present our plan for three parties as fundraisers. I expect to speak well if asked a question because it’s not personal. If they like the party plan the committee will come here on Friday, to my studio, to see my ladies, hear the letters and talk about the Icons show.

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