Wednesday, October 24, 2018


My order of legal marijuana arrived in the post yesterday. I bought it on the first day it was legal. It comes in 7-gram packages, hermetically sealed and with the THC and CBD content clearly marked. I’m super impressed with the service and the product. I still can’t believe the government is my dealer! 
The Arts Council ED is keen on my series idea. I’ve sent revised descriptive material on each event to the ED this morning, and some graphic image suggestions for her to consider. She’s keen to present the series package to a board fundraising committee meeting on Monday. 
We went on a community dog walk this morning, and I took a load of stuff to the recycling depot; I’ll spend much of the day getting ready to go to Vancouver tomorrow. And tonight I’ll see what happens to Andrei on The Great Canadian Baking Show.
I’m blissed out by the quiet again. The end of two weeks of well drilling next door is incredibly welcome.

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