Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Learning Plateau

I received my ballot and voted already for the Representational Vote referendum. I am in the first wave of voters. Only now are the ads on TV starting, advocating for or against change; “Big Money” wants the “first past the post” system to remain in place. I voted against it.
I have a meeting today at the Arts Council and next week the ED is convening a meeting of key board members, concerned about the deficit, for me to attend. 
The ED and I are keen to move the power to decide on what to do out of the hands of the board and into our hands. She hopes to use me to bring leadership in development into the hands of staff (plus me).
When I moved to France and started learning the language, I felt the learning wasn’t a smooth up-wards slope. I felt a chart of my progress would appear as a short rise then a plateau. Another rise would follow that, and then another plateau. And so on.
I think the shape of my learning curve, concerning the acquisition of understanding my condition, is similarly plateaued. And I think I just went up a considerable rise to a higher level. 
I believe I’ve had tremendous insight into the nature of my triggers. I (and my friends) have long wondered what causes my speech to suddenly stop or become horribly mangled—and what causes my seizures. I think I have a far better understanding of what triggers my symptoms now and the knowledge has brought me greater peace of (broken) mind.
I’m not getting into it here. I’m not interested in putting my pen that far up my ass. It’s insight I may discuss with interested friends. 
Every once in a while, one of my posts on this blog attracts a huge audience. A cartoon has done that, images I’ve posted have done that, but I never expected the text of a post of become a hit. (For quite a long time, my blog attracted thousands of posts a day from Poland and to this day I’ve no idea why.)
Well my recent post about my nightmare about the rooms of doors is getting a tsunami of hits. Go figure!
I’m rather stunned by this new era of legal weed.
Because of the impending postal strike. I ordered some more marijuana from the Government website and I’ve resolved to go into a government dispensary asap because I am learning so much from the chemistry provided in legal sales. I feel optimistic I’m going to be able to learn what chemicals works best for anxiety and for me and, therefore, what to buy. So there’ll be no more “dud” purchases and government weed is cheaper than black-market weed.

A friend sent this. It's al illustration to an article about legalization
of marijuana in Canada in a French journal.

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