Sunday, October 21, 2018

Trail to Nowhere

October 21stand I’ve been driving around with the top down because it’s just shy of 19°! Life is incredibly sweet in this glorious weather.
After the walk on this morning I smoothed the new gravel in the driveway and it looks much nicer and it’s much smoother to walk on. Then I washed all my bed linen because I had to. Miss Thing has diarrhea and sleeps with me—fill in the blanks. I washed her after that, and then sterilized myself in the spa.
Washing her is, I have to say, super easy. She is very accommodating and she dries quickly given how short her hair is.
The day’s been soothing because there has been no equipment working on either of the two houses being built on Violet Crescent.
And I just got back from a walk on The Trail to Nowhere,  my favourite trail because it's so bright. That's its name, not a description. Yes, I went because we both need exercise. And yes, it’s particularly practical after a bath. The walk dries her hair. But the real motivation was to take photos of the mushroom I saw on the trail, so I took my camera. Here are some shots of our walk today on the trail.

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