Sunday, October 14, 2018

Stil Sick

Saturday was absolutely beautiful. It was 18° at 2:00 pm but I felt awful. (I think it’s the flu, given the symptoms. The Arts Council ED was really sick when I met with her. )
I forced myself into my clothes to walk Her Highness in the morning and came home to bed. And I slept and slept. Poor Sheba. What a sad thing, to be sick on so glorious an Autumn day. The sunshine made me want to do something to enjoy it, but doing anything was a drag: Getting wood, letting HH in and out. Pooey.
Karen, my new dog sitter, came by at 2:00 and I did my best to fake being alive. She’s sweet and I’ll feel very good leaving the pets with her. 
Then I went back to bed and at 7:00, I turned out all the lights and called it a day.
This morning I feel up for the community dog walk but not much more than that. It’s such a shame because it’s like summer right now and will be all week. The temperature is predicted to be as high as 20° tomorrow. (The upside: I have no appetite, so that’s good for my waistline.)
Tonight: Anne with an E, Endeavorand The Durrells. There’s never been so much on TV that I absolutely love.

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