Wednesday, October 3, 2018

My Neighbourhood

Good morning sunshine! Tuesday began on a high.
We went to Drumbeg. Then I loafed. Then the clouds came in.
Next door, the septic tank and field were laid and covered. Now I know what a septic tank and field looks like and how they works. There was a bulldozer going back and forth a meter from my property line today until the early afternoon. I don’t mind the construction at all; I find it interesting and entertaining.

The walk to my postal box is, perhaps, fifteen minutes. I go with Sheba and I like it. On the lot where another home is being built, Marilyn and Ron have done an amazing job of turning all the trees, felled on their lot, into firewood. They’re firewood artists (see above).
I passed another neighbour with a huge lot riding on his lawnmower. We past Eddie, the Great Dane who’s recovering from surgery; he went to puppy school with Sheba and so they get very excited when they see each other.
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I took the trail through an empty lot I pass, to the edge of the bluff on which I live and I looked out at the majestic view my neighbours have of Georgia Straight. The Oregon Grape leaves are a beautiful red (see above).
One thing I love about the cool temperatures is having a fire. The cats love it; Sheba loves it and so do I. It’s also lovely to have so much wood on hand and to know that I only need to keep the fire low. It’s the nicest way to heat a house.
This morning the stars are twinkling like mad. It’s was clear all night and got cold! Last night the house got quite cold so this morning I couldn’t light the fire fast enough. As the fire warmed the cabin, the clouds rolled in.
Her Highness and I will go on a community dog walk this morning and probably to Drumbeg later in the day.
I wrote an essay about fundraising and sent it to the Arts Council ED in advance of tomorrow’s meeting and told her she could: (1) Cancel the meeting and/or (2) Have a Valium for breakfast and/or (3) Use it as a point of departure for our meeting tomorrow.
I find myself unwilling to help with fundraising for any more events without a better understanding of the organization’s budget and operations. I want to have confidence in overall fiscal planning before I help raise funds on the long term as I did with PAL (for whom I raised a hundred grand).

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