Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Shirley & Margot Arrive

We walked in a Monsoon Monday morning. Then I went to the meeting with the arts council’s finance committee. Oh my, what a meeting!
Michelle did not propose my series. Instead, she took one of my ideas—a Valentines Day fancy dress party—and added a presentation from an expensive expert on chocolate. I was the first to react and I spoke against it because I cannot see a party successfully stopping for a presentation and then becoming a party again. I said I thought she was presenting two separate events, smooshed together.  
I felt the presenter would not get the attention of those there to party and wondered how he’d feel during his presentation while there were people partying in the back. And how would those who wanted to pay attention feel about those who didn’t?  I just didn’t feel what Michelle was presenting would work.
Neither did anyone else.
And we spent so much time talking about it we didn’t even get to the other ideas.
The best part of the meeting was meeting the finance committee members April, Mary, Tawny and Frank. They are all really committed to the arts council and to raising money; they make a great committee (and I’m judgmental).
I wrote to Michelle when I got home. I felt poorly about lacking faith in her idea and I was a little worried she was becoming sick of me and hearing from me. I have a lot of opinions about fundraising. Thankfully, she wrote back a very reassuring email.
My soup is fine and the lemon cake is not a disaster. I’m ready for the arrival of Shirley and Margot this afternoon. They’re here until Thursday.

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