Saturday, October 27, 2018

Guo Pei

What a totally spectacular little holiday my trip to Vancouver was. Everything went perfectly.
I had an 11:00 am flight to Vancouver and my hope was to get to the Vancouver Art Gallery by noon to meet Dwight for lunch. It was easy peezy; I was there by 11:50, met Dwight and we even managed to eat in the restaurant we love where we had lunches every week for years.
Then I went back to the gallery to meet Dianne and Jane to take in the Guo Pei show and what an extraordinary time we had. Dianne’s daughter, Ashlee, works in the curatorial department and she came down to walk through the exhibition with us, giving us amazing insights and backstories to many of the dresses. I was thoroughly gob smacked; the photos below will readily reveal why.
After the show, the three of us went to the Vancouver Hotel bar for drinks and snacks and gossip. It was a terrific way to de-brief over the incredibly stimulating show.
Then I took the bus to John and Bunny’s, my home away from home, where the welcome is always verywarm. Shirley arrived after a while and then John and Bunny took us all out for Indian food.
Sunday, I left J&B to meet Cathy for breakfast at the Sylvia Hotel. We had a lovely long leisurely meal looking out at a view I’ve loved all my life. The weather was unexpectedly spectacular.
I left Cathy to meet Dwayne for lunch at Le Crocodile, one of my favourite places to eat, and we had the best of long leisurely lunches.
After that, got some fat clothes at The Bay. (I’ve little faith in my ability to lose weight.) And from there I took the Canada Line to Richmond and my flight home in warm sunny bright weather to be reunited with my beloved pets.
What a trip! What a show!  (Click on the first image to see larger versions.)

This one was my favourite. The design is all hand-sewn
beads NOT printed fabric!

Not all of them appealed to me.

Another favourite. The photo does not do the
dress justice!

This is an extraordinary dress. You cannot tell by this
photo. It's gold thread and the dress positively glows.

This is a ridiculous wedding dress but as with all the
dresses, the detail is stupefying.

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