Friday, February 25, 2022

A Fabulous Dinner

Shizah. I had a post ready to go and erased it by mistake this morning, so here is a re-write which accounts for the delay in my posting.

On the walk, this morning, with my fellow dog walkers, everyone was buzzing, afire with opinions on what to do about Suzanne Bizon, the lawyer who so unfairly reported Sheba and I to the authorities and who now wants unleashed dogs banned from all public lands in the island. We talked as we walked and Regina was insistent that we do nothing unless the Regional District makes a move to disallow off-leash dog walking. If they do that, we will all by mobilized to object.

Yesterday was busy, what with going to Nanaimo, unloading all the supplies I bought, and then going to the clinic for medication for a mighty nasty infection that is making one leg look like a disaster zone. And then, there was dinner with Eoin, François and Jay.

My dinner was fabulous! It was really, really fun! The Surf is huge, it’s an old log lodge, right on the water, and so we ate with no one nearby, and the dinners were very generous. The servings were bountiful, and the company was stimulating. I had a great, great time—so great, in fact, that I proposed going again next week to Judith and Anthony on our walk this morning. They are delightful people who also love going to The Surf.

I have a headache for the second day. Perhaps my infection is to blame. So, I do not plan to study today. Instead, I will read by the fire and drink lots of water. But I do have a tutoring session with a new, second tutor named Gus, who is affiliated with the course I am taking.

A fabulous Rainbow Lobster

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