Tuesday, February 22, 2022

SPEECH!!!! Fluency!!!!

Well … I now have two ASL coaches. I’ve been seeing Michelle once a week for a month now, and this coming Friday, I’ll be beginning with Gustavo, a tutor who’s affiliated with my online ASL course. You can’t say that I’m not trying, eh?! 

Yesterday morning was dark and chilly; the only difference between morning and afternoon was that the afternoon was bright and sunny. It remained cold though; at 2:00 pm, it was only 3°! I studied all morning after our morning dog walk, and then I did some reading before going on our afternoon walk.

As the sun went behind the trees, I had my weekly session with Michelle and then I baked some chocolate biscuits that will form the base of some small domed desserts I will continue with today. I’m going to make chocolate domes and then fill them with three layers: chocolate ganache, marshmallow and strawberry gel. Then I’ll coat them all in chocolate mirror glaze.

Yesterday, during my afternoon walk, I felt different; I got a sense that my neurological health had suddenly improved. I tried to speak aloud as I was walking, and I could do it—and well! I haven’t been able to speak aloud when alone for a year and a half, but as of yesterday afternoon, I’ve been able to speak fluently in my own voice, my Rand voice, and in French. It’s f’ing amazing. I know that I could get worse again, and that I probably will, but I may be in for a spectacular Summer of fluency.


I decided, late yesterday, to review my sign vocabulary from the first lessons and I had forgotten many signs. It was demoralizing. It reinforces everything my course says about the importance of socializing with deaf people, otherwise signs are forgotten. My first doubts about the wisdom of this venture set in.

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning, was to test my speech. And it’s working! It’s a bit choppy, but I’m able to speak aloud on my own. I never imagined this. I feel so, so incredibly happy to be able to use the phone.

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