Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Di & DR Visit

I came upon a social ‘rule’ that is a sentiment I’d like to share with Chris and Frani: “Your willingness to judge something should be proportional to how much you know about it.”

Our walk was unremarkable yesterday morning, except it felt very, very good to be with my fellow dog walking friends. I adore my women walkers. Then I went into the village to get supplies for the garlic tart and bok choy with peanut sauce that I made for dinner. And then I immediately got to baking the tart.

Di and DR arrived just before 2:00, and just as the sky brightened. We even had sunny periods during the rest of the day. They timed their arrival perfectly, giving us lots of time to get them settled and to sit and gab before I had my weekly signing session with Michelle.

My session with Michelle went well and then I got busy preparing dinner. DR and Di both liked my Garlic tart and the bok choy with peanut sauce and they really liked my Caesar salad and its dressing. They made me feel mighty good about my cooking skills.

And then we watched Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s film that is getting so much attention. I liked it. And then we all went to bed quite early.

Today?  Who knows! But I’m sure it’ll be a great day with my friends. 

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