Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Yay! January is Over!

Yesterday was gorgeous. The sunshine gave my spirits a real boost; I wanted to go outside and start cleaning up my yard a bit. But I didn’t. I focused on my ASL lessons and then got all my notes together for Michelle, and after seeing Michelle I did some more reading of my latest Penny book.

Today I may do some outdoor work. It’s meant to be sunny again today. But I’ll also do more ASL and, perhaps, a little more reading.

I’m very excited about my session with my six FND compatriots. I’m super keen to show them what happens to my speech when I sign in case it also works for them. It isn’t just signing, either. I think I might speak better if I drew while speaking. I’m going to try it out. I reckon if I give my brain something other than speaking to focus on while I speak, I’ll be fluent or more fluent than I normally am.

My session with Dr. Shoja went very well. I’d never been nervous about a session before, but I was yesterday because of my crazy spell and writing to her. However, it was fabulous to talk with her. I felt much better about myself and my condition when I said goodbye. And I think I’ll be with her for a while; she is fine with me having as many sessions as I want. 

She didn’t label my recent behavior, but she explained it. I think that during yesterday’s talk, she spoke more than in any past session. She suggested that the sudden insight into the nature of my condition from seeing the movie Unrest and from the realization of my neurological symptoms going back to puberty might have frightened or worried me, so my brain make me euphoric instead, to spare me.

I have a far, far more complex understanding of what it means to have a neurological problem now. I’m glad, but it was a shock.

After my session, I went for a good long walk with Her Highness. The warmth of the sun and the sound of Robins chirping delighted me. I could feel Spring coming. I had a light lunch when I got home, and then studied so as to be strong with my signs when I talked with Michelle. Then I went to do some grocery shopping before our session.

Michelle and I had our conversation at 4:00. It went very well and at the end of our session, I could relax and spend the balance of the late afternoon and evening reading and eating. I had a very good study day.

It’s very exciting to me that I can sign short sentences. I’m now learning signs that I want to use often but that are not part of my course. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in just one month, and I was very pleased with Dr. Shoja’s surety that I will be fluent when I sign as I speak.

February at last, but this is the month when we often have snow. At least it is a short month, and it won’t be long until it’s March and Springtime arrives. I can hardly wait.

Today will be just another cold Winter day of studying and reading, but it’s bright and clear so my spirits will be high and my walks with Her Highness will be uplifting. 

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