Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Chris and Frani Day

It was wonderful to awaken and to look out my back windows and see a tidy deck and courtyard. It makes me feel great to see order restored to the yard. Once the morning chores were done, I set to work making the chocolate tart I wanted to serve for dessert last night. I love baking! I love mirror glazes.

Then it was time to walk Her Highness before getting back to work on the hot tub. It was cooler and cloudy yesterday—a serious let down after Monday’s sunshine and 14°! When I started scrubbing, it was 6° outside. My hands were freezing, but I got all the work done that I wanted to do, and I ordered the water. It’s coming on Friday morning.

With the tub cleaned, the tart baked and the water ordered, it was time to relax. I find that it’s important for me to chill before people arrive. That way, my speech is better when they are here. 

They arrived almost as planned. The ferry is never on time, so they were here shortly before 5:00. They got themselves settled, and then they had wine and I had diet coke as we talked non-stop until it was time for dinner. And what a dinner I had ready! My favourite salad (Caesar with homemade dressing), the fish curry on rice and the chocolate tart for dessert.

Then we played Tile Rummy, a game we all love to play. It was a great, great night, but the later it got, the more my symptoms worsened. I started having seizure after seizure. They were mild, but relentless and by 9:00 pm I couldn’t say a word, so I retired to my bed to read before calling it a night.

Today: Who knows. I’ll take it as it comes. But I will take time to make ginger beef for dinner and bok choy with peanut sauce, an Asian salad and more of the tart for dessert.

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