Saturday, February 5, 2022

Island News

Friday was much brighter and drier than Thursday. Our dog walk was a very pleasant way to get the day started. The sunshine and the sweet forest fragrances, tinged with the scent of wood burning in nearby fireplaces, made me feel absolutely wonderful.

Then it was time to go shopping to get supplies for Chris’ and Frani’s visit, and then to return to studying. I’m 5 weeks into studying and just short of 20% of the way through the entire program. I’m clearly going to be able to do the entire course within the year for which I’ve paid for access to the program.

I finished Unit 8 of my course. I love finishing a unit because it means starting a new one today, learning a ton of new signs. Yesterday was all about grammar; I cannot believe how much I liked learning grammar! I would not have thought that possible!

Island News: My doctor, Dr. Majic, is leaving the island. It breaks my heart to lose contact with such a fine, fine man and wonderful doctor. I have no idea what this means for me. I hope to read in our local paper that the clinic will be getting new doctors and that I won’t be without a doctor. Two doctors are leaving!  

Also, Robert’s is closing. Robert’s is probably the most popular restaurant on the island. It’s in the heart of our little village and was the spot for breakfasts. They are closing at the end of April, and new owners with a good reputation are taking over the place. I’m excited about the change.

Sheba goes in for grooming today and this afternoon, we’re meeting Dona and Di to walk our dogs along Brickyard Beach. I’ve some cooking to do, but I hope to go through all the signs of unit 9 at least twice today.

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