Sunday, February 13, 2022

Dinner with Ali & Peter

Saturday was sunny and bright and my hot tub was full and hot. I had a soak first thing in the morning, right after feeding the family. Then I went for a morning walk with my friends and their dogs along Brickyard Beach and it was stunning. There were lots of people on the water and in their yards. Everybody is pulled outside in fine weather. It was 12° and toasty warm in the sunshine.

I came home to do yard work. I started cleaning up the driveway and totally tidied up and cleaned up the shed. It looks ready for Martha Stewart. I’d had a good day of studying on Friday, so I didn’t mind devoting the day to working outside. 

It felt so, so good to be outdoors and tidying up the yard again. It looks like someone lives here who cares. Pinecone Park was looking pretty shoddy. I love having a tidy yard again. And because it’s predicted to be fine weather until Thursday, when I’m not studying, I’ll be raking and tilling most of this coming week—except, of course, on Monday and Tuesday, when I’ll be doing things with Dianne and DR. 

I loved yesterday. I feel so, so good when the sun shines. And I loved going into the shed for wood and seeing it so clean and tidy. No more tripping over wood and hoses, no more jerry cans, water bottles and tools scattered about. There was order and I loved it. Slowly, Pinecone Park is feeling proud of itself gain.

In the afternoon, I joined a beginning signers Zoom group that’s based in LA. I have my first session with them this Thursday. It gives me another opportunity to practice signing besides my weekly sessions with Michelle. The LA group meets online every two weeks.

Last night, at Peter’s and Ai’s place, was wonderful. I arrived, as planned, at 6:00 and didn’t get home until just after midnight. That was the latest I’ve stayed up in ages—probably well over a year. It was a really, really fun night! They are wonderful people and I’m thrilled that they’re becoming good friends.

Today is another stunning day, but it’s cooler. Tomorrow is now predicted to be wet, so I plan on working in the yard today and doing the cooking I need to do tomorrow. I want to tidy up the driveway and front lawns of forest fall. If I get that done, and I will, only the backyard lawns and gardens will be still wearing the Winter forest fallings.

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