Friday, February 18, 2022

Signing Disaster

Thursday began as a grey and cool day. I kept the fire high.

I started my day by doing a lot of laundry—all the guest bedding, towels and facecloths from Di and DR’s visit. And then I took Her Highness for a walk, and as I walked, the clouds thinned, and the day brightened. It was, as usual, very uplifting.  Then I came home to read another long chapter about grammar and syntax in ASL.

Reading that chapter was depressing. It filled me with doubts about my capacity to become a good signer. But I know that if I persevere, all will be good. Even though it’s getting harder, I remain transfixed by the language and its complexity.

In the early afternoon I went over to Jay’s place to pick up some books he was getting rid of, and then I went into the village for supplies before coming home for more studying. Then it was time to relax for the remainder of the day and the evening. I can only truly relax on a day like yesterday if I’ve been good about studying.

At 7:00 I Zoomed for the first time with the LA-based ASL beginners practice group. I lasted a mere few minutes because everyone is far, far more skilled than I am. I could follow nothing, so I quit and won’t be going back for at least another six months to see how it goes when I have more vocabulary.

It was very strange that on Di and DR’s second day here, I became mute very suddenly, seemingly for no reason. Wednesday morning, it was back, if only slightly but it got better through the day and yesterday it seemed to be even stronger. It goes, it returns, that seems to be my fate. Searching for reasons is pointless. 

However, I realize that my problem is quite insignificant. I’m communicating well enough, and my seizures are short and mild, so I really have nothing to complain about.

It’s grey, damp and cool—AKA nasty. I’m going dog walking with my friends and then coming home to study. I’m going to review the vocabulary of the last few units that I’ve completed and then I’ll start on the new signs of unit 10. Soon, I’ll be finished with Level One, the beginners’ course. 

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