Monday, February 7, 2022

Tub Trouble

I had one hell of a time getting this post up. The Blogger site is not working properly and I have a lot of trouble accessing this blog. It I suddenly disappear here, it's due to Blogger not me.

Trouble in paradise: My hot tub had things growing in it that shouldn’t have been in there. I discovered the problem yesterday morning. Sigh. Another problem to resolve. But first came a Zoom get together with my BC stuttering group. I couldn’t speak at first, but by the end of our two-hour session, I was speaking as Rand and doing very well. 

My speech has definitely recovered somewhat from the deep descent in December. It’s not as good as it was prior to December, but I’m doing much better with my speech. I can even start sentences with “I” again. I’m not always having to refer to myself as “me.” I’ve capable of using grammar, too!

Once done with my group, Sheba and I went for a long walk because it was bright and sunny. I loved every second of our walk together. When we got back home, I got directly to work on the tub. First, I put a lot of bleach into it and let it circulate to kill living things in the plumbing, then I began the scrubbing and draining. 

I didn’t study all day, nor did I read. The work outdoors and on the tub made a nap my priority for the afternoon. I was knackered. Then I watched some of the Olympics but I could not engage at all like I once did.

Today begins with a walk with my fellow dog walkers, then shopping for groceries so that I can get on with making fish curry for Chris’ and Frani’s visit. Plus, I’ll review some sign vocabulary and re-do the new signs from unit 9.

It’s another beauty of a day. We’ll love our walk and my work on the hot tub will be easy. 

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