Monday, February 21, 2022

All Creatures Goes Off the Rails

Sunday was gorgeous but cold, as happens when the winter nights are cloudless. My fellow dog walkers and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning walk together, and then Her Highness and I came home, she to sleep, me to study ASL, which I did until a power failure interrupted that. So, I moved to my big comfy chair by the fire to read more of Miss Penny.

When the power returned, I was too engrossed in my book to go back to studying, so I kept on with Monsieur Gamache until mid-afternoon, at which point I had a lovely soak in the spa and almost going blind from the brightness of the sun in my face. Oh my, it was nice!

Then came walk number two with Her Highness, and what a walk it was. The sunshine made it sublime and I didn’t pass a single person on the trails. I loved it. Is my good speech the result of feeling so much happier because of all the recent sunshine, I wonder?

Such a lovely, slow quiet day. I do love Sundays, all Sundays, but this one was a doozy because it was so bright and beautiful, because Spring is coming and because, for the last time this season, PBS is rich with Sunday night delights. Well … I loved 80 Days, but All Creatures was too forced. I didn’t care for it at all. Nothing felt real.

I was awakened by the thunder of what I thought was a downpour of rain on my roof, but once I was up and headed outside to chop wood, I discovered a yard covered lightly in hail. It’s sunny now (8:30 am) but cold. It’s only 2°. Our walk this morning will be cool, then it’s home to study and read. It’s a day to stay close to the fire.

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