Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Mute Again

Tuesday was a pleasant surprise (with one bummer).

The ladies got up around 9:00 and I’d cleaned up everything from the day before and had a nice fire roaring in the fireplace. We chose to start the day slowly; we did nothing through to lunchtime, and then we all got into my van and went to Drumbeg. It was absolutely gorgeous in the park—bright and sunny and the water was crystal clear. Not only that, there was no one there but us. Then we came home to have a spa and DR had a nap.  

The oddest aspect of the day, the bummer, was that I very suddenly lost my speech entirely—this after several days of great speech. It happened just before noon; I was totally reliant on hand signals and finger spelling to Dianne to communicate. By 3:00 I could say some words that made communicating easier, but I remained completely ‘locked up.’

After the spa, we started doing a jigsaw puzzle together before ordering pizzas and going into the village to fetch it. For our evening together, we watched a movie, and I was glad to be distracted by a movie and not ever having to try to communicate.

Right now, it’s 7:15 am and the ladies are not up yet, so I won’t know if my voice is back until they are up. It’s a wonderfully gorgeous day and Di and DR aren’t leaving until mid-afternoon, so we’ll have a lovely half-day together.

The ‘for sale’ sign went up on Barbara’s and Kelly’s lot next door. I’m so sad that they are going. They are lovely people, their two young sons are very nice and their dog, Kona, is a delight. I adore Kona. You should see her smile. They don’t come better!

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