Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Bitch is Back

Wednesday came with a challenge: Our weekly newspaper on Gabriola had a long news story on the front page about a woman who wants an end to the present practice of allowing dogs to be off leash in our huge (1,140-acre) park, the 707, where my friends and I walk every single day.

The woman is a civil litigation lawyer and the woman who brought charges against Sheba and I with the Nanaimo Regional District Animal Control Office, and she references out incident in her presentations to the bodies that govern the 707. She is repeating her lies and it really bothers me. Yes, one person can change the world, and when you hear that cliché, I always assume that the change is for the better. But not always. Suzanne Bison, the liar, is wanting to affect a change that a great many people on Gabriola will not want.

My trip to Nanaimo this morning went smoothly. As I drove the highway to the shopping centre where I go, I remembered how, when I first came here, anxiety filled me with dread to drive on the same route. Now, I think nothing of doing what I did this morning.

Coming home, once quickly done with my errands, I checked the ferry schedule. As it was 10:45, I realized I’d just missed the 10:40 ferry, so I went into a food store before heading to the ferry terminal. I arrived at the dock just after 11:00. And guess what. The 10:40 ferry was way late, and I drove right onto the ferry, getting home before noon.

For the remainder of the day, I’ll read and enjoy a spa in the glorious sunshine that has melted the dusting of snow we got last night. Tomorrow’s due to be sunny as well, and then we warm up as the clouds and showers return for the weekend.

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