Sunday, February 20, 2022

Life is Great!

Saturday dawned dark and cool. Her Highness and I went for a walk and then we did a run to GIRO to take our recyclables in and to get rid of a bike I bought for Pinecone Park but never use. Doing the run freed up a lot of space in the shed. And then it was back to work on the long, long list of ASL signs in the vocabulary section of Unit 10, followed by a bit of relaxed reading.

There are 70 signs to learn in Unit 10, and after three days of going over and over them, I reckon I have them down now. And every one of them are words that I’m likely to use often. 

When I got to the trailhead for our afternoon walk, I happened on Mark. I don’t know him, but he and Amy, his partner, often walked their Great Dane, Juno, on Sundays and I sometimes talked briefly to them. When I saw Mark, I asked him where Juno was, and he told me that she had passed away and all about it. It was heartbreaking, truly soul destroying. He, like me, is passionate about dogs.

We wound up walking for an hour-and-a-half together, and at the end he asked for my contact information, and he gave me his, and he invited me to get in touch to walk together or to meet up for coffee. He’s a quiet, shy, private man, so his genuine interest in getting together moved me. I felt honoured. He’s a lovely man, and Amy is a total delight, too. She was out local head librarian, but her career is really taking off and yesterday she was in Sooke overseeing the expansion of the Sooke library.

Today began dark, grey and Angel piss was falling, but now the sun is shining and there’s naught but blue sky. We’ll have a nice dry and uplifting walk this morning, me, Her Highness and our friends. When I get back, I’ll be going over the new signs I’ve learned, relaxing and then tonight, reveling in the joy of Around the World in 80 Days and All Creatures Great and Small.

My speech is doing very, very well, too; that’s another reason to feel good today.

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