Monday, February 14, 2022

Yard Work: Hurray!

There’s no question whatsoever: My speech is back to its pre-December level. My evening at Ali’s and Peter’s was verycomfortable; I was practically fluent all night. And I spoke fluently with neighbours passing by on the street yesterday when I was working in the yard.

My recovery has not affected my enthusiasm for learning ASL at all. I’m still very keen to learn it. I know that my good speech is limited to around here and with trusted friends. I have no doubt that I’m still mute ‘out in the world.’ That has been the case for almost six years, and it’s when I’m ‘out there’ that I want to be able to communicate. Signing is still the host of all my hopes.

Sunday was exhilarating. The sunshine, the (relative) warmth and being outside lifted my spirits. On days like yesterday, I fall in love with Pinecone Park, my glorious pets and my home all over again. I love my life here so, so much, and it keeps getting better and better over time as I make new friends and become more and more acclimated to my rustic life.

I enjoyed raking up all the forest detritus from the front yard and driveway immensely. Well, that’s not quite true. I endured the physical labour, but I loved seeing my yard looking pristinely clean again. And it was a joy to come in for brief rests and to feel the heat of the house, warming my freezing cold hands.

Barbara lives with her husband, Kelly, and son in a trailer on the lot to the north of me. She came by whilst I was working to say that their lot goes on sale today. They expect to sell quickly and then they’ll move to the big island. I like Kelly and Barbara. I’m sad they and their magnificent dog, Kona, are leaving, and I wonder who’ll be buying and building on their lot. 

Late in the afternoon, it clouded over, and I decided to call it quits in the yard. I came inside to chill before setting in for my favourite evening of television—all night with PBS.

I love Around the World in 80 Days and All Creatures Great and Small. I look forward to them every Sunday. But the excess of sentimentality in All Creatures is almost gagging me. I’ve been Halmarked to death. Still, I’ll go back for more next week.

Gone are the days of The Singing Detective, Caligula and Brideshead Revisited. Now, PBS programming is all about getting high viewer numbers. Sigh.

And today, DR and Dianne arrive for a two-night visit. So, today will be busy: dog walk with friends, shopping, baking a garlic and spinach tart, making up the guest beds and general tidying and cleaning. I’m really looking forward to the company of good and trusted friends. We’re going to play games. I love Scrabble, Tile Rummy and Scategory.

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