Saturday, April 23, 2022

My Dull Life

Yesterday was a good day: dog walk, finishing another Louise Penny novel, going to Dan’s and Steve’s for a late afternoon get together along with Jay, Dave, Owen and Jim. It was nice being outdoors in the sunshine.

Dan is Canadian. His partner, Steve, is American. They’re married and they’ve lived in the US since the mid 1980s. They moved here because they wanted out of the US, and we talked about American politics for a while. I say ‘we,’ but I did not participate; instead, I listened, and it was hard to do. It was so, so sad to hear what people think about America and the world.

I’ve nothing much to say here anymore. Every day feels the same. It’s cool and dark, often damp, and I ditz away my time doing absolutely nothing of interest to both of you, my readers.

Today was supposed to be sunny. It ain’t, so I’m doing serious Spring cleaning and I’ll likely start my penultimate Penny novel.

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