Monday, April 18, 2022

Interview Confirmed

Sunday’s dog walk was a great. Dan and Steve were there with Dakota, and Stacy was there with Otis, and it was a lovely sunny morning. After the walk, I headed into the rest of the day in a good frame of mind. Clouds rolled in, it was Sunday, I let myself start another Penny novel. I have only three more to read after this one. It’s like knowing your dog is going to die.

I had a great 90-minute video chat with Dianne—me, Di and my symptoms. All the rest of the day I read and lounged by the fire.

Monday was a write-off. Dwight kept calling in the morning, but I didn’t answer because I couldn’t get any sound out. Yesterday was a really nasty day. The weather sucked; it rained hard all day, and my condition sucked. When Dwight called in the evening, I was glad that he was persevering, and I answered. It was tough to speak, but I was glad to connect with my ‘brother.’

Tomorrow is my interview with the local health authority at 11:00. It's on Zoom. I haven’t pre-warned them about my speech. I may today, I’m not sure. I may decide to not warn them in advance and just let them find out in the interview.

I miss my studying. I miss ASL. But I also love having my time to myself again, and being able to do nothing, to read, to garden and to go on longer walks with Her Highness. 

I still expect to get back to learning ASL in the Fall, during the long cold indoor season. But I’m not one who wants to be studying during the warm part of Spring and all Summer. I want to life fully and not feel enslaved to the computer.

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